We have service levels ranging from open/not anonymize to fully anonymized and obsucred. We do everything we can to ensure that your request is not traced back to you.*

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FOIA Services, provides the ONLY truly anonymous Freedom of Information/Open records request.

After carefully putting together a step-by-step plan we have created the only truly anonymous service of its kind!

  • Site ID is a random sha1 hash not associated with any personal information and we will never ask for any. Learn more about SHA1
  • Email correspondence goes through an email provider located in Switzerland with true end to end encryption. Learn more about Protonmail
  • Payment is made through 3 of the most anonymous cryptocurrencies on the market: Monero, DASH and ZCash. --Learn more
  • Requests can be obfuscated to bury the true nature of the request.
  • We recommend the site only ever be accessed over our recommended VPN provider: PureVPN PureVPN even accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment to further secure your identity

Our goal is to provide a service that will never trace back to you*

*To make sure that we can guarantee that requests are not traced back to the requestor, all above recommeneded steps MUST be taken
† If one of the anonymize plans is chosen
‡ If one of the anonymize plans is chosen, otherwise payments are made through PayPal


How we can help

General FOIA/Request

A normal request with no need or desire to anonymize the requestor or the request parameters.

Anonymized Request

A detailed step-by-step plan request that allows for anonymization of the requestor but not necessarily the information requested.

Anonymized and Obscured

Both the requestor and the information requested in secured. The requestor is anonymized and the true nature of the information requested obscured.

The Archive

A publicly accessable archive of all requested info the requestor has approved us to release to the public and the archive.

Coming soon...


Our team of experts is here to help you figure out what to look for and how to request it.

Premium Client Portal

Our client portal allows you to track and update your request throughout the process

Open Request Fund

The ORF (Open Request Fund) was established to help those that are in need of making a request but are not financially able. To learn more about the fund click here. The current balance of the fund is: 0.14221466 ZEC roughly $25.51 USD

Packages and Pricing

Explore packages and pricing available

Pricing for requests can vary from state to state, county to county and even city to city.

Because pricing can vary so greatly we start our pricing at $100.00 USD. This fee can increase based on any number of factors but our client service representatives will be in constant communication with you every step of the way.

The base fee includes the following:

  • Initial preperation of the request
  • Initial filling of the request
  • Final preperation of the request for delivery to client

To better serve our clients we offer a fully anonymous request service

With our fully anonymous service our clients can rest assured they can make the requests they need to with out anyone finding out who made the request and why.

The anonymous plan only adds an additional fee of $10.00 USD now included in all requests and comes with the following:

  • SiteID that does not track your person info
  • We will never ask for your personal identyfing information
  • All communication is done through our secure email servers located in Switzerland

To better hide the identity and data requested by our clients we offer an obfuscation service

Through obfuscation we can hide the true nature of your request amoung any number of other requets, thereby making it harder for the responding party to identify and retaliate against the requetor. The obfuscation addon adds an additional fee of $40.00 USD and comes with the following:

  • Upto 3 additional "line items" added to your request (more are available for $5.00 USD per line item. (The more line items, the more obscure original requet becomes but also means the more the total cost of the request can become because of research charge the agency/organization can/will charge.)
  • Randomly generated order of lines items, to ensure responding party is unsure of the most important request
  • Removal of unwanted additional info for final delivery to the client

Payment Options

We offer multiple payment options to best suite your need of security and protection.

PayPal PayPal

Not anonymous or obscure

  • Not Anonymous
  • Easy to use

Ethereum Ethereum

Not anonymous or obscure

  • Not Anonymous
  • Easy to use


Anonymous and/or obscure

  • Anonymous
  • Not as easy to use

Monero monero

Anonymous and/or obscure

  • Anonymous
  • Hard to use
Our Mission

To provide everyone with a way to get the information they need or deserve without fear of retribution or retaliation.

Our Plan

We will provide a step-by-step plan to follow that will outline the best way to get the information you desire without all the complexity.

The Truth

The unfortunate fact of the matter is, we would like to believe that the government would do what is in the best interest of the people including their employees but that doesn't always happen. We can help to hold them accountable.

Who we are, why we started

The founders are a group of government employees who got tired of seeing indiscretions "swept under the rug". We decided to found FOIA.Services because it became apparent, while we were employeed, any Freedom of information request we made would cause SEVERE retaliation. We formed FOIA.Services so no one would have to worry about their employer retaliating against them.

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All testimonials are published as anonymous to protect the identity of our clients

I am so glad we found this site! I was able to get the information we needed without it coming back on me.

by Anonymous

The support team is amazing. There was a problem with my payment. I forgot to put the request payment ID when I sent in the payment. My agent worked to find my payment and make sure that the request was not delayed more that it already was. Thank you again!!

by Anonymous

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Only recommended for non anonymouse requests
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